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And the name of the association will be ...

And the name of the association will be ...

We are pleased to announce that after voting, we have adopted our name : "Syrian Roses".

After many suggestions and debates, we put several names to the vote for our association. As at first we wish to help Syrian refugee women in Lebanon, we opted for the name "Syrian Roses". This is also a tribute to the famous damask rose.
The knight Robert de Brie is credited with bringing this Persian plant to Europe on his return from crusade to 1254 in Provins, remained the capital of the rose from which it spread in the West. Its name refers to the city of Damascus, an important city in the region and nowadays this rose still lives spontaneously in Syria and the Caucasus. The rose bushes of Damascus are famous for their delicate fragrance. They are cultivated for the commercial production of rose essence used in perfumery.


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