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Our inspiration


Lubana Abdou's life story, shows why women education is an avenue for a brighter and safer future. Her story sparks hope and shall inspire other women living a crisis situation.

Lubana Abdou was born in Syria and was graduated there. She became a lawyer in 2005, then General Counsel at the Damascus stock exchange, where she worked from 2008 to 2013.

Once the war started in Syria, the situation became extremely difficult and dangerous for her and her young son. Unceasingly looking for a solution to escape from there, Lubana persistently applied at Paris II University, and she got accepted. She arrived in Paris in 2013.


Her deep conviction is our motto, our ambition is to make the world a better place. Lubana never forgot those who were left behind. Those who didn't have the same chance, the same opportunity or the same drive.

The Syrian Roses association was born from her willingness to give back hope, dignity and a fair place in society to those who have been displaced, neglected and lost by the war. We want to make education a reality for women who need a fresh start in Lebanon, to get a new and normal life, and who will continue to support their children.

A Strong Experience

Created by executive MBA students convinced by the strength of education and its perspectives.

Good Will Volunteers

Work with us to raise awareness, towards a better world.

Our baseline

Give women the choice to write their OWN new life.

About our project


What We Do

Our conviction is that education and professional training will help achieve more complex goals, supporting women to strengthen their self-esteem, to build their self-confidence and to assert themselves within their families.


Our long term project

Young children, seeing their mother becoming autonomous, will watch her with pride and admiration and that will help them build their own self-esteem and resilience.

Allow women to follow a comprehensive on-site training program, to help them gain the right skills as well as advance their professional development, a wider understanding of the local environment where they live.

  • We believe in education as a starting point
  • We want to encourage women and children emancipation
  • We begin with those who are in refugee camps in Lebanon

The process will be based on a needs-based approach as well as a rights-based one, building from the grassroots and starting with the most vulnerable and invisible women. It must work to define women as actors rather than just victims, to allow real democratic participation, because those women are the real actors on the ground against violence and terrorism, when they are empowered with self-confidence and knowledge.

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